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Over the past 22 years I have done over

15 thousand beautiful,durable glass block window installations. Half of which are right here in Chillicothe! I still answer all phone calls 

myself, measure all windows, and give Free no-obligation quotes commissioned salespeople like the big guys!

That's why we have the lowest priced glass block, and the lowest prices. Just call me for a free estimate and I will measure your basement windows from the outside and leave your quote in the door without ringing the bell...Or if you have 10-15 minutes, I will measure from both sides, explain the installation, show you the pattern choices, give you a copy of my insurance, and a list of references in your area. All with No-obligation to buy! Glass block window installation for your basement, bathroom, or garage is not for the novice--we have years of experience installing the prefabricated glass block windows, and finishing the mortar on your new basement, bathroom or garage glass block windows. We know how to install your energy saving, airtight Prefabricated glass block, with or without air vents or dryer vents so your home will be warm this winter and you'll have added security against any break-in. Just sit back and let Chillicothe Glass Block do the work.

With break-ins dramatically rising, and energy costs sky-rocketing, this is the BEST improvement you can do to your home, while at the same time protecting your family

and valuables. So whether you're in Chillicothe or out in the country, just give me a call at...


or e-mail us at [email protected]

Lee & Debbie Giles /Owners



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